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Getting to the CORE of SDN-enabled Dynamic Network Control

Dynamic network control for multi-domain and multi-layer networks is not a new industry topic. In recent engagements with Coriant customers around the world, however, we’ve witnessed a palpable rise in interest in the technologies and tools that enable dynamic control, and a resulting acceleration of lab demonstrations, Proof of Concept (PoC) trials, and live trials on networks running revenue-generating traffic.

At the end of last year, for example, we completed a live network trial using our multi-layer Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution at one of Europe’s leading Tier 1 telecommunications providers. This service provider, like many others in the region and around the world, is under pressure to evolve toward more dynamic operational approaches to meet challenges (including OpEx impact) of massive traffic growth and fluctuating traffic patterns driven by a variety of bandwidth-intensive end-user applications, including streaming video, IPTV, music downloads, and online services such as cloud storage.

With increasingly complex traffic volumes, mix, and flows, this Tier 1 European operator was intent on putting production-ready technology solutions to the test in key transport applications, including optimizing service routes based on congestion in a live network environment and better load balancing of traffic under changing conditions. The successful field trial also demonstrated the use of the RESTCONF API for automating some service activation/deactivation tasks directly from the operator’s billing solution, a value-add application that provides additional means for OpEx reduction.

Our success with this live network trial builds upon other recent live network demonstrations of rapid service activation and automated traffic optimization using SDN control, including a multi-layer, multi-vendor field trial conducted last year in the Agile Networks statewide Ohio network. This trial reinforced the ability of SDN to enable a more dynamic and more efficient mode of operation in IP/MPLS networks that results in lower network costs and reduced operational complexity. With a network rich in microwave links that have varying latency and throughput dynamics due to weather conditions, the need for latency-based routing capabilities is critical. The Agile Networks field trial validated the practical value of the Coriant® Context Optimized Routing Engine (CORE), which extends traditional IP/MPLS path computation with real-time network performance and transport layer topology-aware path computation to support a new generation of optimized network services. CORE provides intelligent path computation for performance-aware services to deliver KPI-optimized services and maximize network utilization.

Rolling our field-proven and generally available SDN solution in real-world network environments is incredibly exciting, and there is nothing more professionally rewarding than seeing the fruits of our team’s cutting-edge innovation creating such excitement – and value – for our customers. You can learn more about our solution here.

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