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8100 Managed Access System

The Coriant® 8100 Managed Access System is ideal for n*64 kbit/s leased line services for business networks and 2G and 3G backhaul networks in regions with limited mobile coverage. The 8100 Managed Access System offers the ability to optimize a 2G infrastructure while managing migration to 3G. Together with the 8000 INM, the 8100 Managed Access System provides a cost-effective solution to reduce CapEx and OpEx.

  • Deliver differentiated and cost-effective mobile and business services
  • Ease migration from 2G to 3G while minimizing capital investments and operating costs
  • Accelerate the integration of 2G voice and data services quickly and cost effectively
  • Introduce voice and data services quickly
Coriant 8100 Managed Access System

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Specifications Table

Size, switching capacity, and interface information for: 8110 Network Terminating Units, 8140 Midi Node, 8150 Basic Node, 8184 Access Switch, 8188 Access Switch

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