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Grow Your Metro Cost Effectively

While Minimizing Operational Costs

Metro Transport

Metro transport networks need to support a wide range of services including Business Ethernet, Mobile and Fixed Broadband Backhaul, Router Interconnect, SAN, and Native Video. At the same time, video, cloud, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) are creating challenges for metro networks regarding bandwidth growth, changing traffic patterns, and requirements for lower latency. Network operators must also manage technology transitions including SONET/SDH to packet and OTN, 10G to 100G+ wavelengths, and traditional management to programmable and open architectures such as SDN.

Coriant provides a broad portfolio of metro transport platforms extending from access to core that address evolving challenges in metro networks. These solutions include the compact GbE/10GbE NIDs and packet aggregation of the Coriant® 7090 Packet Transport Solutions, the 2RU Coriant® 7100 Pico™ Packet Optical Transport Platform and 5RU Coriant® 7100 Nano™ Packet Optical Transport Platform, and scaling to multi-terabit universal switching with the Coriant® mTera® Universal Transport Platform 8-slot and 14-slot configurations, with additional options for high-capacity transport enabled by the Coriant Groove™ G30 DCI Platform. Management options include the Coriant® Transport Network Management System (TNMS) and the Coriant Transcend™ SDN Controller. Coriant metro solutions leverage a comprehensive set of technologies including Coriant innovations such as ROADM-on-a-blade, the Coriant® Pluggable Optical Layer, universal switching, and Coriant CloudWave™ Optics.

Coriant Solution Benefits

Grow your metro cost effectively

through ROADM-based optical express enabling wavelengths to be quickly added to the network and fabricless switching that enables switching to be added incrementally

Adapt to changing traffic patterns

with integrated packet switching, OTN switching, and ROADM-on-a-blade for a more flexible and scalable metro designed to meet the demands of video, cloud, and DCI

Save space and power

with compact and highly integrated solutions including high-density 10G and 100G+, the Coriant® Pluggable Optical Layer, and converged packet and optical layer technologies

Reduce operational costs

with consistent end-to-end provisioning across technology layers and a comprehensive set of optical, OTN, and packet OAM capabilities

Migrate from SONET/SDH

to next-generation packet optical technologies including MPLS-TP, Carrier Ethernet, OTN, and multi-terabit STS-1/VC-4 switching

Maximize network and service availability

with a wide range of protection and restoration mechanisms including Y-cable and 1+1 OCh protection, Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-TP protection mechanisms, and ASON/GMPLS restoration