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Reaching New Heights in Cloud Services

Combining Programmable Control with a Dynamic Infrastructure

Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud™

With the escalating demand for dynamic services and increasing bandwidth requirements, network operators require a new level of infrastructure designed to accelerate services with maximum flexibility. Driving innovative solutions focused on next-generation cloud computing and storage, Coriant has the advanced technology that network operators need to deliver a variety of connectivity options and diverse, customized services.

Ready to transform traditionally rigid transport infrastructure into highly programmable networks, the Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud™ Solution offers the power to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. With elevated flexibility combining programmable control with a dynamic infrastructure, network operators can adjust traffic management on any layer. Break free of equipment limitations and maximize network efficiency with the Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud™ Solution, which will lead to significantly lower CapEx and OpEx – all while enabling new services and creating new revenue opportunities.

Solution Benefits

Offer network programmability

to create on-demand services, adapt to real-time changes, and fully utilize network resources at the lowest cost

Provide end-to-end service delivery

and optimization across multi-layer and multi-vendor networks

Support open interfaces and protocols

for third-party product integration and interworking with existing management systems

Optimize optical layer flexibility

to deliver highest performance of current and future broadband applications and services

Support simplified network evolution

to maximize existing infrastructure and ensure flexible migration paths to SDN