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Driving High Performance Optical Transport Networks

Advanced Optical Transmission

If history has taught us anything, it is that optical transport networks do not stand still. Continuous technology innovation is at the heart of terabit-level DWDM transmission networks. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, these networks form the resilient foundation for all communications services and traffic – from LTE-enabled mobile data and cloud-based streaming video to 100G Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD). Today, more than ever, network operators are turning to best-in-class innovation in optics to cope with demand for not only more capacity, but also traffic characteristics that are increasingly more dynamic and unpredictable.

In order to help our customers cost efficiently maximize the performance of fiber optic networks, Coriant is pushing the boundaries of innovation across multiple dimensions of optical transmission, including capacity, reach, latency, and flexibility.

Flexibility, Scalability, and Efficiency

From our advanced R&D labs around the world to real-world customer field trials, Coriant is actively engaged in a broad range of technology initiatives. Our fast-paced product development ensures optimal customer value in terrestrial, subsea, and hybrid LH/ULH networks.

Flexi-rate Modulation

Dynamically switch between modulation formats depending on physical infrastructure and application requirements with software programmable flexi-rate. Transmit higher bit rates while achieving the optimal balance between data throughput, transmission reach, and spectral efficiency.


Enable higher bit rate transmission and maximize flexibility in channel spacing with the flexible assignment of bandwidth to channels. Dynamically adapt the wavelength grid to the needs of future service capacity while increasing spectral efficiency and overall system capacity.


Combine multiple coherent optical sub-carriers into a unified channel of higher data transmission by multiplexing the constituent channels. Provision and route end-to-end high bit rate super-channels as single entities, while increasing spectral efficiencies and boosting line side transmission rates to terabit levels.

Space-Division Multiplexing (SDM)

SDM employs either multi-mode or multi-core fibers to increase the fiber capacity and serve future demands (10-15 years from now). Every mode/core of the fiber is used to transmit an independent signal, thus enabling the transmission of multiple physical channels on the same wavelength/color.

Hollow Core Fiber

As highlighted in Coriant's world record, the vast theoretical potential of hollow core fiber technology includes higher spectral bandwidth, lowest latency, lowest loss, and virtually nonexistent nonlinear interactions. Combined with SDM, hollow core fibers could prove the ultimate transmission medium beyond 2025.

Next-generation Amplifiers

Next-generation Raman amplifiers push the achievable reach of ULH networks and increase the appeal of metro/regional reach of intermediate higher order modulation schemes. Seamless deployment, simplified operations, and integrated OTDR functionality are requirements for this technology.

CloudWave™ Optics

Learn more about our versatile suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies that brings a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to next-generation optical transmission networks

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