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The Best of Both Worlds

Deploying Circuit and Packet on a Single Universal Platform

Universal Switching and Transport

Network operators have historically faced the challenge of deciding whether to build circuit or packet transport networks. Universal switching and universal transport platforms offer an innovative approach to networking solutions by providing completely protocol agnostic switching capabilities. With these solutions, network operators can groom traffic frame-by-frame on every port at any layer (L1-2.5) and change the way traffic is managed dynamically without the need for new hardware. Universal transport solutions enable the most efficient network and the ability to dynamically adapt the network to meet today’s rapidly changing requirements.

Bringing universal switching to regional and core networks, Coriant offers the best-in-class mTera® Universal Transport Platform (UTP) that delivers flexible and scalable universal grooming, transport, and switching. By enabling all services (SONET/SDH, OTN, and packet) on all ports from 100M to 400G with simultaneous multi-service grooming, the mTera® UTP provides an ideal, unified solution for dynamic, high-bandwidth applications.

Solution Benefits

Eliminate all switching boundaries

and restrictions by allowing native switching and interworking on every universal module port, including multiple protocols on a single port simultaneously

Provide traffic grooming at any layer

irrespective of the physical interface – groom multiple protocols on a single port, enable interworking between multiple protocols, and offer migration from one grooming strategy to another on the same physical port

Maximize network resources

by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions through a universal matrix uniquely capable of switching traffic flows for any protocol (L1-2.5) on any port

Reduce CapEx and OpEx

with a minimum number of highly flexible multi-service universal interface cards that support all applications

Improve overall network efficiency

by providing aggregated handoffs to routers and maximizing utilization of both metro and core wavelengths

Enable Coriant CloudWave™ Optics

for industry-leading optical technology proven in the world's largest mesh networks

Universal Transport Solutions Video

Learn how the Coriant® mTera® Universal Transport Platform enables network operators to meet the rapidly changing demands of today's transport networks