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Coriant Training Paths

Coriant Training Paths are available to help you choose the most appropriate training courses to meet your Coriant product-learning needs. Presented in an easy-to-read flowchart form, you can efficiently browse through the instructor-led and web-based courses available to you from Coriant.

Email us for Product paths not listed on this page.

Flexible Training Options for Your Team

Standard Training

Select standard course offerings from our catalog.


Tailored Training

Construct a course by selectively choosing content from existing modules.


Customized Training

Receive a course created and designed to address your specific requirements.

Achieve Certification

Achieve professional affirmation of competence to deploy or support Coriant products.

Self-Paced Training

Supplement formal training with access to a library of online content available on demand.


Supplement formal training with short-term mentoring and coaching to help transfer product training knowledge into practice within a live work environment.

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