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Seize the Advantage: Maximize the Use of Existing Fiber

Is your network maximizing the use of each strand of fiber? With the ever-increasing demand for high speed connectivity to access cloud service providers and to interconnect data centers, costs can skyrocket with excessive investment in new fiber cable. Coriant can help you address this challenge and avoid the cost of new fiber infrastructure with our bidirectional fiber solution. Based on the Coriant Groove™ G30 Network Disaggregation Platform (NDP) and bidirectional CFP2-ACO DWDM line interfaces, the Coriant solution supports diverse configurations for short or long optical reach and a low or high number of client ports, including the following applications:

  • Enterprise Cloud Connection – Connecting on-premises enterprise infrastructure to the cloud provider can require a few high speed, low latency connections. With the Coriant solution, the Groove G30 NDP single fiber configuration can provide a cost-effective solution by minimizing the number of leased fibers necessary and adding only a minimal incremental cost.
  • Metro DCI – Due to the diverse types of requirements, the Coriant bidirectional solution with the Groove G30 NDP supports a variety of client ports and reach combinations through the use of different filters on passive and amplified configurations.
  • Intra-Data Center/Campus-DCI – For maximum fiber utilization, the Groove G30 NDP single fiber solution can be configured for the large number of client ports and the short reach required within or between campus data centers.

2 x 100G Ports, Single Fiber Optic Configuration

The Coriant bidirectional fiber solution delivers multiple benefits including the opportunity to increase reliability with a 50% reduction in the number of mechanical connections in the transmission fiber, a reduction in operational costs when leasing fiber cable, and the enhancement of existing single fiber direct detect systems with 200G bidirectional coherent solutions without traffic interruption.

For more information about maximizing fiber utilization and supported applications, check out our application note: Coriant Groove™ G30 Bidirectional Fiber Solution.

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