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Impacting the Optical Core: Technology Trends and Evolution – Part 4

Part 4 of a 4 Part Optical Core Blog Series

Disaggregation is a recent telecommunications industry topic driven by the pressure to reduce costs, the limitations of network design, and IT integration needs. Since the definition of disaggregation is not always consistent in the industry, we will first describe the Coriant definition to clarify our discussion. Coriant disaggregation concentrates on a separation of functions to form meaningful building blocks. Through open interfaces, these separated functions can be connected in a multi-vendor environment, while open APIs enable an orchestrator to provide seamless system integration, which conceals the complexity of one network element that is split into multiple network elements.

Figure 1: Disaggregation

Cost reduction is a significant advantage of disaggregation. Technology can be introduced into existing equipment without having to overhaul the infrastructure, thus keeping costs at a minimum. Separate functions can be updated incrementally. Along with the concept of disaggregation, a new approach to managing the network becomes imperative. The introduction of the new IT through an SDN controller and orchestrator is an integral evolutionary step for managing different functions working together in an integrated system. In some circumstances, this new IT operating model may be a stronger driver for disaggregation than cost savings. For instance, highly profitable companies may be more concerned about increasing market share than reducing costs. With these businesses, the revenue opportunities instead of the cost savings may be the most compelling reason to implement a disaggregation solution. By deploying a small disaggregated network element, businesses can accelerate the introduction of new connections and services and speed time to revenue while addressing end-user demands for faster, better service. A higher degree of network automation and intelligence enables service providers to focus on customer requirements and minimize the effort to run the network.

As businesses evolve with industry demands for more automated and virtualized operations, they will also need to adapt to new network capabilities and control. Coriant is committed to helping our customers achieve the added value and increased revenue opportunities available through disaggregated solutions. The Coriant Groove™ G30 Network Disaggregation Platform delivers the innovation of a standalone transponder and the promise of disaggregation benefits to help businesses succeed. Coriant solutions offer seamless network transformation and the following key strengths to take businesses to the next level of optical core evolution:

  • Best optical layer for challenging fiber situations
  • Best footprint and power consumption
  • Highest network availability at the lowest cost
  • Universal hardware for a future-proof investment
  • Best network utilization with Coriant Aware™ Technology

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