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Resilient, Secure Submarine and Terrestrial Network Convergence

Hendrik Besch, Principal Solutions Consultant, Coriant

As the global demand for bandwidth increases due to the rise of cloud-based services, existing submarine cable systems are rapidly running out of capacity. To address this challenge, network operators need to maximize the capacity and reach of cable plants and increase the efficiency of provisioning high-bandwidth client services. The solution is the implementation of cloud-scale networks that are scalable, programmable, flexible, resilient, and easy to operate.

While traditionally submarine cable systems were completely separated from the data centers of terrestrial networks, in order to provide efficient POP-to-POP connectivity with fast service provisioning, interworking of the Submarine Line Terminating Equipment (SLTE) with the data center gear on a common platform is a requirement. Coriant helps operators converge submarine and terrestrial networks by offering an open optical network approach featuring the leading data center interconnect and disaggregation platform, an open SLTE interworking with an open terrestrial line system, and a powerful open software suite for all management and service tasks. With these elements, the formerly separated submarine network can be integrated with the terrestrial network and provide resilient end-to-end connectivity with an outstanding degree of network security. Coriant solutions for submarine-terrestrial convergence offer numerous benefits including minimized CapEx with faster innovation capabilities, reduced vendor lock-in, and end-to-end service provisioning along with the ability to increase network capacity quickly and cost effectively with simple stackable upgrade options.

Check out our latest solution note, Submarine POP-to-POP Technology, for more information on the building blocks and benefits of Coriant submarine-terrestrial convergence.

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