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Five Reasons to Add Staging to Your Order

For many Coriant customers, staging is becoming an increasingly popular add-on to their equipment orders. But what is staging and what are its benefits? Let’s look at the typical process for installing a system without staging, with all of the modules, plug-ins, and other system components individually packaged and shipped. First you have to collect all the shipped items, compile a list of what has been received, and check this material list against the expected bill of materials. All the items then have to be unpacked, unwrapped, and the packaging disposed of. You then have to study the engineering plans for the racks and assemble the chassis in the racks. Next, you place the modules and pluggables in the chassis. Then you connect cabling within the racks including tie-down and labeling.  Only after the system is completely assembled and cabled in the racks can you connect the power and complete external network connections. Finally, you check the software version level, power up the chassis, and run the appropriate functional tests before completing the as-built documentation.

With staging, systems come with intra-system cabling completed including labeling and tie-down (if rack mounting is selected).

Now let’s look at what happens when you add staging to your order. The complete system is assembled, configured, and tested at the Coriant factory to your specifications. You collect the shipping carton, place the staged item, run the power, complete the cabling, power up, and you’re done! Coriant took care of all the other stuff: installed modules in the right slots, installed pluggables, neatly labeled and dressed intra-system cabling run to the correct ports, loaded the correct software, and completed functional testing.

Benefits of Staging: 80% Less Packaging

So what are the benefits of staging? Well, here’s a top five: 

  1. You reduce installation time by up to 75%, which also saves you installation costs.
  2. You can also increase time to revenue if the equipment is being used to deliver services to customers.
  3. You eliminate rework from the errors that often occur when installing equipment that was ordered without staging.
  4. You have accurate records – when time runs short to finish a job, quality and record keeping can suffer. Staged systems ship fully dressed and pre-labeled right out of the box.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly – staging uses up to 80% less packaging than piece-part shipping.

And ordering is easy: simply select the options of interest (shelf or rack, ETSI or ANSI rack), include the corresponding staging code on your order with the quantity of shelves to be staged, and place your order, then a Coriant representative contacts you to complete the order. For more information on this topic, see the Coriant Staging Services datasheet.

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