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Coriant Sets Guinness World Records® Title with the World's Highest Data Transmission Rate Over Hollow Core Optical Fiber

Coriant Continues Its Push For Innovative, Bleeding-Edge Research

NAPERVILLE, Illinois, 3 June 2014 – Coriant, a global supplier of dynamic metro-to-core transport solutions, announced today that Guinness World Records has certified Coriant's achievement of the world's highest data transmission rate of 57.6Tb/s (gross rate of 73.7Tb/s) over hollow core optical fiber. This award becomes the Company's first fiber optic feat to be recognized by Guinness World Records, which is the authority on record-breaking achievements around the world.

"Coriant is proud to have Guinness World Records recognize our achievement in the highest data transmission rate over hollow core optical fiber, which was 50 times the previous record," said Ken Craft, Executive Vice President, Optical Products and Technology at Coriant. "This achievement represents further proof that we are on the right path driving this research, keeping our finger on the pulse of cutting-edge innovations."

Hollow core photonic band gap fibers are a highly promising technology for future optical networks that one day could replace current glass fibers. This fiber offers a path towards a significant increase in transmission capacity, due to its potential for a much lower attenuation, virtually non-existing nonlinear distortions, a much higher optical amplification bandwidth, and ultimately low latency. In combination with space division multiplexing (SDM) technology, which Coriant has been actively researching for several years and successfully demonstrated last in a customer field trial, the capacity of hollow core fibers could increase 100-fold compared to current systems.

Today's network applications are becoming more and more delay sensitive. These applications rely on excellent network performance which includes the aspect of latency. The desire for low latency makes this fiber relevant to serve several different industries including mobile communications and the financial trading markets. For example, low latency is required for certain trading processes where the profitability of trades is dictated by a firm's ability to react to events faster than the competition. Since light travels through air inside a hollow core, the total latency is reduced by roughly 30% through the use of hollow core fiber technology. Coriant's record setting transmission over hollow core fiber demonstrates the Company's continued commitment to innovation in the area of highly advanced optical transmission technologies.

This record was originally acknowledged in a post deadline paper at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) 2013. For more than 35 years, OFC has been the premier destination for converging breakthrough research and innovation in telecommunications, optical networking, fiber optics and, recently, datacom and computing.

About Coriant

Coriant, founded as an independent company in 2013, is an industry-leading supplier of dynamic metro-to-core transport solutions. We serve over 500 customers globally, including 90% of the world's top 50 service providers. Our end-to-end product portfolio and software-defined networking solutions enable mobile and fixed lined operators to reduce network complexity, increase service velocity, and improve resource utilization as transport networks scale in response to a new generation of high-bandwidth services and applications. The company operates worldwide in more than 48 countries, with R&D centers in Asia, Germany, Portugal and the United States, as well as a state-of-the-art production center in Berlin, Germany. Learn more at www.coriant.com.

About Guinness World Records:

First published in 1955, Guinness World Records™ has developed its annual book into an international phenomenon published in more than 100 countries and 20 languages. Guinness World Records has become a household name and the global leader in world records. No other enterprise collects, confirms, accredits and presents world record data with the same investment in comprehensiveness and authenticity. Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement.


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