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Coriant Showcases Real-Time Optical Performance Awareness at OFC 2017

Coriant Aware™ Technology Leverages IoT Concepts and Residual Margin to Increase Reach and Capacity and Enable Faster and Simpler New Wavelength Planning and Provisioning

MUNICH, Germany, 20 March 2017 – Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end packet optical and DCI solutions, today announced the introduction of Coriant Aware™ Technology, an innovative software-enabled toolkit for maximizing the value of dynamic optical networks with sophisticated real-time performance awareness and control. In a live demonstration at OFC 2017, Coriant will showcase how Coriant Aware™ Technology can enable faster and simpler new wavelength planning and provisioning, increase reach and capacity, and improve service availability.

Today's networks have limitations that increase operational cost, slow new wavelength activation times, limit reach, and prevent the network from operating at its highest possible capacity. These limitations include planning tools that lack real-time data from the optical network and therefore must "stack margin" to accommodate worst case scenarios, coherent receivers that are not able to measure OSNR or residual margin, and NMS, SDN, and ASON/ GMPLS implementations that lack the sophisticated optical performance models of offline planning tools. As the optical network becomes more dynamic with the adoption of SDN and the evolution of flexi-rate interfaces with a wider range of modulation schemes and baud rates, these limitations will result in increased costs. With the ability to correlate, analyze, and act upon real-time data, Coriant Aware™ Technology applies concepts familiar to the Internet of Things (IoT) to address these limitations, while helping operators reduce CapEx/OpEx and increase revenue opportunities.

"With Coriant Aware™ Technology we are showcasing the critical role of residual margin in optical network performance optimization," said Stefan Voll, Vice President of Product Management, Coriant. "Residual margin is the most useful measure of received signal quality to date, allowing determination of how much room there is for the signal to degrade without impacting error free operation."

Residual margin is impacted not only by OSNR, but also linear and non-linear impairments. Accurately assessing a network's residual margin therefore requires determining the impact of all three. For example, while current coherent receivers are typically able to measure linear effects such as CD, PMD, and PDL, they are not able to measure their impact on signal quality, nor are they able to accurately measure OSNR or the influence of nonlinear penalties.

Key benefits of Coriant Aware™ Technology include:

  • Better reach and more capacity: Coriant Aware™ Technology enables increased transmission reach and capacity by reducing or even eliminating margin stacking, and by optimizing power levels with real-time knowledge of the residual margin.
  • Faster, simpler wavelength service activation: By reducing the number of provisioning steps and boundaries between planning and management systems, real-time awareness enables operators to lower operational costs and reduce the need for complex planning tools and expertise.
  • Higher availability: Coriant Aware™ Technology also supports SDN or ASON/GMPLS restoration with maximum reach/capacity, and enables the option of relaxing margin requirements for temporary restoration paths. In addition, real-time visibility of residual margin enables pro-active downtime prevention (e.g., by discouraging use of adjacent channels, optimizing power levels, and/or reducing the bit rate).
  • Monetization of margin: Finally, Coriant Aware™ Technology provides network operators the opportunity to monetize margin as extra capacity that can be sold to customers, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.

Coriant Aware™ Technology is comprised of two key components, the Optical Performance Engine (OPE) and the Margin Processing Engine (MPE).

  • Optical Performance Engine (OPE): The OPE combines the accuracy of a best-in-class offline planning tool with the real-time speed necessary for wavelength activation, Layer 0 restoration, and other demanding optical use cases. This real-time speed is achieved by simplifying the mathematical operations. The OPE responds to path validation requests from the path computation function within the NMS, SDN, or ASON/GMPLS control plane. With optical models that consider both linear and nonlinear effects, the OPE generates the valid options for each requested path including modulation types, baud rates, FECs, frequencies, and power levels, enabling the best options, including flexi-rate interface settings and super-channel options, to be selected.
  • Margin Processing Engine (MPE): The MPE enables operators to meet the challenge of accurate residual margin. The MPE gathers performance monitoring data from across the network, including both coherent receivers and per-channel power monitoring capabilities of the optical network elements. It is then able to process this data in real-time to distinguish OSNR from signal degradation due to linear and nonlinear impairments. This enables it to deliver accurate and real-time residual margin values for each channel. In addition to unparalleled accuracy, the MPE is able to do this without the need for next-generation DSPs and can therefore be used with the installed base of coherent interfaces.

Coriant Aware™ Technology will be introduced in phases, with initial OPE functionality available for trials beginning in Q2 2017.

Coriant at OFC 2017

In addition to a live demonstration of Coriant Aware™ Technology, we will showcase our comprehensive portfolio of SDN-enabled Packet Optical Transport and DCI solutions at OFC 2017 in Los Angeles from March 21 - 23 (Booth #1715). From Open Line Systems and purpose-built DCI to universal transport and innovations in silicon photonics, Coriant solutions enable network operators to realize the business value of scalable, intelligent, and highly-programmable transport networks optimized for the hyperscale generation.

About Coriant

Coriant delivers innovative and dynamic networking solutions for a fast-changing and cloud-centric business world. The Coriant portfolio of SDN-enabled, edge-to-core packet optical networking and DCI solutions enables network operators to cost-efficiently scale network capacity, reduce operational complexity, and create the resilient foundation for a new generation of mobile, video, and cloud services. Coriant serves leading network operators around the world, including mobile and fixed line service providers, cloud and data center operators, Web 2.0 content providers, cable MSOs, government agencies, and large enterprises. With a distinguished heritage of technology innovation and service excellence, Coriant is helping its global customers maximize the value of their network infrastructure as demand for bandwidth explodes and the communications needs of businesses and consumers continue to evolve. Learn more at www.coriant.com and follow us on Twitter for the latest @Coriant news and information.


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