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Coriant Successfully Completes Transport SDN Trial at Chunghwa Telecom Lab

Coriant Transcend™ SDN Solution Featured in Multi-Layer Bandwidth-on-Demand Use Case

NAPERVILLE, Illinois, 23 March 2015 – Coriant, a global supplier of end-to-end transport networking solutions, today announced that it has collaborated with Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's largest integrated telecommunications services company, to demonstrate high-capacity bandwidth-on-demand using Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology. The successful trial highlighted the ability of the Coriant Transcend™ SDN Solution to improve network efficiencies and increase service agility through the dynamic and programmable allocation of multi-layer transmission resources.

The SDN-enabled bandwidth-on-demand trial, part of an ongoing technology collaboration, was comprised of a variety of technology solutions from Coriant, including the Coriant Transcend™ SDN transport controller, an OpenDaylight-based orchestrator, the Coriant® hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform, and an innovative web-based portal application that extends control of select service attributes to the network operator's end-user customer. The trial configuration included the dynamic activation of a 100G service connection, coupled with the programmable adjustment of Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters, including bandwidth and latency. The trial also featured advanced management capabilities that enable on-demand service control for the end-user while providing network operators real-time visibility into SLA performance, end-to-end transmission resource allocation, and activity logs for service billing.

"This proof-of-concept trial is part of our ongoing effort to leverage advanced technology to enhance customer value and drive new growth opportunities," said Mr. Ruey-Chang Hsu, Vice President of Chunghwa Telecom. "SDN offers innovative approaches to increasing the flexibility of multi-layer transport infrastructure, and through this trial and other activities, we are looking to validate many of the features and capabilities of SDN that we believe will serve as the foundation for next generation networks."

The Coriant Transcend™ SDN Solution combines the benefits of SDN and a proven portfolio of packet optical transport and smart router products to enable dynamic, end-to-end network control in an open network environment. With a commitment to multi-vendor interoperability and continuous innovation in real-world applications and use cases, Coriant Transcend™ SDN solutions help network operators accelerate transport network innovation and optimize utilization of network resources to support the high-bandwidth applications driving network growth.

"Demand for dynamic cloud-based connectivity continues to drive unpredictable traffic loads in the wide area network that have a profound effect on the underlying service infrastructure," said Uwe Fischer, Chief Technology Officer, Coriant. "The introduction of software-defined intelligence, programmability, and automation at the transport layer gives network operators like Chunghwa Telecom the tools necessary to keep pace with end-user demands while significantly improving network agility, scalability, and reliability."

About Coriant

Coriant delivers innovative, dynamic networking solutions for a fast-changing business world. The Coriant portfolio of SDN-enabled, edge-to-core transport solutions enables network operators to reduce operational complexity, improve utilization of multi-layer network resources, and create new revenue opportunities. Coriant serves leading network operators around the world, including mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers, data center operators, cable MSOs, large enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and utility companies. With a distinguished heritage of technology innovation and service excellence, forged by over 35 years of experience and expertise in Tier 1 carrier networks, Coriant is helping its global customers maximize the value of their network infrastructure as demand for bandwidth explodes and the communications needs of businesses and consumers continue to evolve. Learn more at www.coriant.com.


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