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Coriant to Participate in OIF SDN Transport Interoperability Demonstration

Coriant Partners with Industry-Leading Carriers and Networking Vendors to Help Accelerate the Adoption of Open SDN and Empower New End-User Services

NAPERVILLE, Illinois, 28 September 2016 – Coriant, a global supplier of metro-to-core packet optical networking solutions, today announced it will showcase multi-vendor, multi-layer interworking using the Coriant Transcend™ SDN Transport Controller and Coriant® hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform in a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Transport Application Programming Interface (T-API) interoperability demonstration in the fall of 2016. Coriant will partner with industry-leading carriers and networking vendors as part of the global interoperability event.

"We are excited to take part in this global interoperability initiative as the industry takes a significant step forward toward realizing the operator and end-user value of SDN in real-world operational environments," said Stefan Voll, Vice President of Product Management, Optical and NMS, Coriant. "The validation of these open APIs lays the foundation for a new breed of applications and services powered by advanced SDN programmability and automation."

Global Carrier participants hosting the interoperability testing include China Telecom, China Unicom, SKT, Telefónica, and Verizon.

2016 OIF SDN Transport API Interoperability Demonstration

The OIF and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) are partnering to lead the industry toward the wide scale deployment of commercial SDN by testing key Transport Application Programming Interfaces (T-API). The interoperability test and demonstration, managed by the OIF, will address multi-layer and multi-domain environments in global carrier labs. The testing builds on the 2014 demo which was based on prototype T-APIs and helped advance transport SDN standardization. Additional use cases based upon the API standards will be clarified during the testing and defined through OIF implementation agreements to provide a common set of requirements.

Regional demonstration read-out events will take place in early 2017 and a whitepaper will be available to the public. Additional information can be found at http://www.oiforum.com/meetings-and-events/2016-oif-sdn-t-api-demo/.

About the OIF

Launched in 1998, the OIF is the first industry group to unite representatives from data and optical networking disciplines, including many of the world's leading carriers, component manufacturers, and system vendors. The OIF promotes the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services through the creation of Implementation Agreements (IAs) for optical, interconnect, network processing, component, and networking systems technologies. The OIF actively supports and extends the work of standards bodies and industry forums with the goal of promoting worldwide compatibility of optical internetworking products. Information on the OIF can be found at http://www.oiforum.com.

For OIF media inquiries, please contact:

Deborah Porchivina PAPR for the OIF Mobile: 415-272-0943 deborah@papr.com

About Coriant

Coriant delivers innovative, dynamic networking solutions for a fast-changing and cloud-centric business world. The Coriant portfolio of SDN-enabled, edge-to-core transport solutions enables network operators to reduce operational complexity, improve utilization of multi-layer network resources, and create new revenue opportunities. Coriant serves leading network operators around the world, including mobile and fixed line service providers, cloud and data center operators, content providers, cable MSOs, large enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and utility companies. With a distinguished heritage of technology innovation and service excellence, forged by over 35 years of experience and expertise in Tier 1 carrier networks, Coriant is helping its global customers maximize the value of their network infrastructure as demand for bandwidth explodes and the communications needs of businesses and consumers continue to evolve. Learn more at www.coriant.com.


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