Corporate Social Responsibility

Coriant is dedicated to integrity in every aspect of its business and believes that the overall integrity of Coriant demands the continuing commitment of all stakeholders  (employees, officers, subcontractors, suppliers and customers). Coriant’s Compliance, Business Conduct and Ethics Committee Charter objectives establish oversight of global corporate business conduct and ethical responsibilities. Coriant was Awarded a Gold Rating in EcoVadis Sustainability Survey ranking it among the top 5% of global companies evaluated on Sustainability Performance and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Resource Efficiency - Coriant supports increased efficiency resulting from integration.  Coriant Operations are committed toward solutions that use less power and require less energy to maintain. 

Environmental Sustainability – Environmental Protection and mitigating the usage of resources is central to Coriant’s business.  In addition to compliance with laws and regulatory requirements, Coriant continually reduces the adverse environmental effects of our products and services during design creation, use and ultimate end of life management. 

Transparency and Compliance – Coriant is a manufacturer of large and complex equipment, committed to being a trusted partner building end-to-end solutions responsibly.  Coriant is certified to TL 9000 and ISO 14001, enabling better goal setting and operational review to the benefit of its stakeholders. 

Coriant Code of Business Conduct and Ethics – Coriant’s high standards of ethical conduct and compliance to applicable law are a cornerstone of our successful corporate citizen’s behavior.  The Coriant Code of Conduct defines the rules and guiding principles for ethical behavior that Coriant and its stakeholders (employees, officers, subcontractors, suppliers and customers) are expected to follow. 

Coriant conducts Responsible Sourcing contracting with subcontractors or suppliers who themselves adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct similar to this code.  Coriant incorporates ethical, social and environmental criteria in its procurement practices and agreements. 

For more information please email Corporate Social Responsibility Office.