Terms and Conditions of the Use of the Coriant Websites

The terms apply to your use of www.coriant.com or any other World Wide Web site owned by Coriant Operations, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Coriant Deliverables (Global)

These terms apply to the sale and licensing of all Coriant (now part of the Infinera group) Deliverables, worldwide, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Product-Specific Terms

These terms are required due to open source or other third party licenses that apply to components in legacy Tellabs and/or Coriant (now part of the Infinera group) Deliverables.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall have effect for all purchase orders placed by a Coriant entity (now part of the Infinera group). Acceptance of a purchase order shall constitute complete acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Seller, unless a separate written agreement is in effect between the parties.