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solutionsSN 16000 BB-DCS/Optical Switch

SN 16000 BB-DCS/Optical Switch

Power Network Evolution
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SN 16000 BB-DCS/Optical Switch

The Coriant SN 16000 BB-DCS/Optical Switch empowers cost-effective technology evolution, simplifies operations by automating network functions, and improves bandwidth utilization by grooming and routing traffic more efficiently. Demonstrating the value of intelligent bandwidth management, the SN 16000 unleashes exceptional efficiency and in-service scalability to accelerate provisioning and ensure timely network expansion.


Solutions Benefits

  • Maximize service flexibility and operational efficiency with high-density, multi-service aggregation and end-to-end management

  • Ensure service reliability and communications integrity with optical mesh resiliency and security features

  • Reduce operational costs and complexity by offering selective automation of network functions

  • Create a robust, highly scalable foundation for next-generation infrastructure and dynamic bandwidth services