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Network Integration, Migration, and Optimization

Network Integration

Expert services to integrate new network elements into a network ecosystem, including physical connection, logical configuration, testing, and documentation. Drawing on extensive experience, Coriant engineers provide the real-time changes and adjustments necessary to expedite network integration without sacrificing quality. Upon completion of network integration, Coriant will turn over a connected, operational, and fully tested network that is ready to accept and provision live traffic.

Network Migration

Coriant® Network Migration Services are available to address a variety of migration needs, including:

  • Wholescale network replacement
  • Gradual migration through a cap and grow plan
  • Consolidation and cost optimization within an existing network

By leveraging Coriant experience with live traffic migration, the transition can be successfully completed on time and on budget with minimum risk to existing customer services.  

Network Optimization

Coriant uses proven methods and expert resources to identify overbuilt and stranded capacity, underutilized facilities or nodes, inefficient traffic routing, and similar opportunities to improve the network. After completing an assessment, Coriant details specific optimization recommendations considering both current needs and future growth initiatives. Coriant has the experience to implement the agreed optimization strategies efficiently.