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Operations Services

Assisted Operations

Assisted Operations services are provided on a continuous basis. Coriant is fully responsible for the resources (personnel, tools, procedures, etc.) required to attend to delivery within the agreed service level.  

Assisted Operations services can be the answer to many common challenges facing network operators, including:

  • Improving compliance to service level commitments
  • Improving control of reoccurring operational costs
  • Increasing in-house resource focus on customer-facing work
  • Reducing procedural errors
  • Improving network availability and performance

Work typically is performed at a Coriant defined location with secure remote access to the network and regularly scheduled remote or onsite performance reviews.

Resident Engineer

Resident Engineer resources can be an individual or a team committed to full-time or part-time availability for staff augmentation and typically are located at customer premises. A typical Resident Engineering engagement will include one or more of the following areas of focus:

  • Network Planning or Design
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Network Operations
  • Pre-production Lab Support

Roles are designed with flexibility for the Resident Engineer resources to function within an agreed framework of responsibility.