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Knowledge Library (formerly Subscription Library)

The Knowledge Library is an online reference tool with essential training curricula for Coriant products, as well as additional content to help address questions that frequently arise while operating a network, such as:

  • How to correctly remove/replace a specific hardware module
  • How to perform a specific provisioning task
  • How to perform a database backup
  • How to troubleshoot common problems

The information can be accessed when needed – encouraging users to verify a procedure or approach before trying it on their own. This preparation can help avoid costly errors that could impact both your budget and the end-user experience.

Access is provided under an annual subscription license, with each license holder given an individual login for tracking activity and progress. The library includes educational tools across all Coriant products lines including Transcend software products. Coriant makes regular updates, enhancements, and additions to the library. Annual membership is inclusive of these changes at no additional cost.