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Software Design and Installation


Establish the high-level architecture for the network management and control solution  including supporting infrastructure:

  • Multi-vendor and multi-domain considerations
  • Required integration to Northbound and Southbound systems
  • Virtual environment design considerations
  • Use case concepts

Once the high-level architecture is known, proceed to detail the low-level design required for installation, including:

  • Multi-domain and multi-vendor interface definitions
  • Service management definition and mapping to infrastructure
  • Configuration definitions for domain controllers
  • Test plans for pre-production deployment


Precise installation planning including multi-vendor environment considerations, including:

  • Site survey to check pre-requirements are met for both the pre-production lab environment and live production environment
  • Professional installation, configuration, and documentation
  • Interoperability testing  
  • Testing of system installation including pre-production testing
  • Go-to-live installation and post-installation monitoring