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solutionsCoriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture

Coriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture

An open and cost-disruptive approach to building high performance networks optimized for emerging 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet video, and cloud services. Designed to address the explosive growth of end-user traffic, the Hyperscale Carrier Architecture (HCA) represents a quantum leap forward in network innovation by delivering a minimum 50% lower network cost structure to carriers and content providers as compared with conventional approaches.


Solution Benefits

  • Multi-layer SDN/NFV agility with next-gen-OSS for end-to-end performance-aware automation and deep programmability

  • Programmable packet capabilities enabling cost-optimized integration of IP into optical systems via Coriant Light IP™

  • Silicon photonics innovation delivering breakthroughs in performance, density, efficiency, and power dissipation

  • Open and purpose-built system design offering game-changing economics for hyperscale traffic dynamics and disaggregated networks