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solutionsData Center Interconnect

Data Center Interconnect

The dramatic transformation of service delivery to the cloud touches business users and consumers alike. At the heart of the cloud are data centers, where storage and compute resources host services and applications, as well as the networks that interconnect with other data centers and end users. Coriant has extensive experience in all cloud transport interconnection applications between data centers and connecting the end-customer to the data center, with solutions optimized for open, scalable, and software-driven cloud and data center connectivity.


Solution Benefits

  • Scale transport capacity up to 100G and beyond to cost-effectively address increasing traffic

  • Accelerate service provisioning and reduce network complexity with the industry's first implementation of transport SDN, featuring software-enabled service planning and workflow automation

  • Enhance multi-domain and multi-layer interworking with proven third-party interoperability and an open systems design environment

  • Ensure quality of end-to-end service and network availability with resilient, low latency connectivity and dynamic mesh restoration

  • Reduce power and space requirements with superior optical transport system architecture in a small footprint