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Fiber Deep

Enabling Cable MSOs to Deliver Gigabit Internet Services While Minimizing Power Consumption and Maximizing Service Availability
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Fiber Deep

Cable MSOs are evolving their networks to support ultra-high definition video, to grow revenues with new latency-sensitive IoT and cloud-based services, and to head off threats including over-the-top (OTT) video and cord-cutters. Options for evolving internet access speeds include DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 3.1 Full Duplex, and node splitting. However, these options are fundamentally constrained by limited spectrum and the shared nature of the coax portion of the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network.

Fiber Deep minimizes these constraints by pushing the fiber node, where fiber meets coax, closer to the end-user, reducing the number of homes that have to share capacity from around 500 to around 64, or even fewer with node splitting. In addition to enabling gigabit plus internet services, by eliminating the need for RF amplifiers, Fiber Deep can reduce power consumption by around 20%. Furthermore, an 80% reduction in the number of active devices in the HFC network will have a significant benefit in terms of network and service availability.

Leveraging Coriant Hyperscale Carrier Architecture (HCA) principles including disaggregation, openness, and SDN-enabled automation, Coriant’s solution for Fiber Deep combines open line systems and open muxponders at the WDM layer, white boxes and Coriant’s hardware-independent NOS at the packet layer, and SDN/NFV management and orchestration provided by the Coriant Transcend™ Software Suite. This approach provides a scalable and future-proof solution that minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).


Solution Benefits

  • Offer gigabit internet services by dramatically reducing the number of homes sharing the coax portion of the HFC network

  • Maximize network and service availability by reducing the number of active network elements by 80%

  • Minimize total cost of ownership with SDN-enabled automation, and by minimizing footprint and vendor lock-in

  • Reduce power consumption by 20% or more by eliminating the need for RF amplifiers, and with innovative cooling technology from Coriant Multi-Sided Platform (MSP) partners

  • Build a scalable and future-proof Fiber Deep access network leveraging Coriant disaggregated optical and packet platforms