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Open Line Systems

Taking a cue from the separation of hardware, operating systems, and applications software in IT, and more recently the separation of compute, storage, and networking in data centers, the trend toward disaggregation and openness is starting to impact the broader communications equipment market. This impact is already being felt with the shift to SDN, disaggregating the control plane from the forwarding plane, and the shift to NFV, disaggregating network hardware from software functions. In terms of WDM transport, disaggregation is coming in the form of open line systems.


Solution Benefits

  • Reduced vendor lock-in disaggregation and openness reduce vendor lock-in, reducing the barriers to introducing new vendors as and when needed, in accordance with the renewal cycle of each layer/functional block

  • Faster Innovation the OLS approach enables network operators to align the upgrade of each functional block to its renewal cycle while leveraging the innovation capabilities of the entire industry

  • Competitive Pricing by reducing vendor lock-in and enabling other vendors to compete for incremental upgrades based on the renewal cycle of each functional block, competitive pricing pressures can be maintained throughout the lifecycle of the network

  • Lower CapEx/OpEx in addition to innovation that drives improved reach and capacity/spectral efficiency resulting in lower CapEx, the OLS approach can decrease operational costs through reduced footprint and lower power consumption