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solutionsSDN/NFV Solutions

SDN/NFV Solutions

The emergence of SDN/NFV represents one of the most notable developments in carrier networks. Offering the prospect of the network as a programmable resource configured on demand, SDN/NFV has the power to change how services will be delivered and networks are architected. The deployment of software-defined services is paving the way for new revenue-generating services, while offering network operators the ability to streamline network maintenance and automate service creation. Deployed in leading Tier 1 networks, the Coriant Transcend™ Software Suite is designed to support open, programmable, and multi-layer SDN/NFV networks that offer key benefits to network operators as they evolve to agile, software-driven network infrastructure.


Solution Benefits

  • Simplify operations with sophisticated service planning and workflow automation

  • Satisfy customer demand for fast and flexible service provisioning (e.g., data center connectivity) with real-time visibility and control

  • Differentiate network services and introduce new revenue sources

  • Improve utilization of existing transport resources to reduce CapEx and improve end-to-end service performance

  • Enhance multi-layer, multi-domain interworking with an open systems architecture and proven interoperability