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New Revenue Streams and Enhanced Value
Cable Msos
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Cable MSOs

Cable MSOs are evolving their networks to support ultra-high-definition video, to grow revenues with new IoT and cloud-based services, and to head off threats including over-the-top (OTT) video and cord-cutters. To address these challenges, they are leveraging industry initiatives including DOCSIS 3.1 Full Duplex, Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), Remote PHY, Head End Re-architected as a Data Center (HERD), and Fiber Deep. However, successfully implementing these initiatives requires a new approach to the network, incorporating openness, disaggregation, virtualization, and SDN-enabled automation. With a comprehensive portfolio of open, scalable, and multi-sided networking solutions, Coriant provides the flexible service capabilities and strict performance guarantees that Cable MSO end-users demand.


Solution Benefits

  • Evolve your network with DOCSIS 3.1 Full Duplex, HERD, Remote PHY, and Fiber Deep

  • Enhance the customer experience with low latency enabled by optical express and NFV edge compute

  • Accelerate innovation with open, disaggregated platforms and with advanced technology from Coriant Multi-Sided Platform (MSP) program partners

  • Maximize internet service speeds leveraging cost-effective 100G+ optics, optical express, and disaggregated routing

  • Grow revenues from enterprise customers with MEF Ethernet services, cloud connect services, and dedicated 100G+ leased line services

  • Minimize total cost of ownership with SDN-enabled automation, and with minimized footprint and power consumption