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Research & Education

Research and education institutions face formidable challenges in today’s dynamic big data environment. Budget constraints collide with increased demand for high-capacity connectivity to support the needs of students, instructors, and researchers. The deployment of infrastructure upgrades (e.g., Wi-Fi, Small Cells) necessary to handle numerous devices places even greater CapEx and OpEx burdens on institutions. At the same time, media-rich streaming, online education, cloud storage, and collaboration applications are driving the demand for more flexible broadband access and seamless network scalability. Coriant works closely with research and education communities to cost efficiently support the needs of core and campus networks, as well as satellite and remote transport services.


Solution Benefits

  • Deliver multiple classes of service over a single economically converged network that supports pay-as-you-grow scalability

  • Improve service efficiency and flexibility with IP/packet-optimized transport capabilities, including CE 2.0 and IP/MPLS mobile backhaul

  • Simplify service migration with integrated SDN-enabled platforms capable of supporting diverse technologies and protocols (e.g., DS1, DS3, low-order/high-order SONET/SDH, OTN, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, MPLS-TP)

  • Ensure mission-critical performance for high-bandwidth applications with automated service restoration, proven Tier 1 reliability, and scalability to 100G and beyond

  • Reduce operational complexity (no more overlay networks) and achieve lowest TCO in networked enterprise and data center applications