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Solutions for Submarine Network Operators

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Submarine Network Operators
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Submarine Network Operators

Demand for broadband services and applications knows no regional boundaries. International data traffic continues to skyrocket with an ever-increasing need for efficient optimization of undersea fiber optic resources, where the majority of intercontinental data traffic is transported. In addition, network resiliency is critical to ensure high-capacity connectivity, including cloud computing and data center interconnect. Optimized for hybrid terrestrial and subsea networking environments, Coriant offers proven solutions for submarine network operators that ensure reliable transmission while avoiding the cost of subsea repeaters and help reduce network costs and maximize investment in deployed subsea infrastructure.


Solution Benefits

  • Reduce costs by consolidating functions and eliminating the number of network elements required in the cable site

  • Simplify operations and improve resource utilization with increased spectral efficiencies and automation of service planning and workflow processes

  • Improve undersea fiber efficiency through advanced multi-service traffic grooming

  • Scale network investments and seamlessly upgrade to higher capacity services