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Solutions for Utility Network Operators

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Utility Network Operators
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Utility Network Operators

Energy and utility network operators manage an increasingly complex environment as high-bandwidth services and applications tax the limits of traditional network architectures. At the same time, reliability and security remain paramount concerns. As demand for network modernization intensifies, many utility operators are looking for ways to cost efficiently converge mission-critical communications traffic while enhancing resiliency and scalability at the transport layer. Coriant solutions enable energy and utility operators to simplify operations and increase network value, while providing a reliable foundation for integrated communications and scalability to 100G and beyond.


Solution Benefits

  • Modernize your network infrastructure to meet evolving bandwidth requirements, including dynamic smart grid and demand generation communications

  • Ensure reliable and secure communications for SCADA and other mission-critical traffic with low latency transport, automated disaster recovery, and real-time monitoring

  • Create new revenue opportunities by leveraging your fiber backbone for retail or wholesale telecommunications services for enterprises, carriers, ASPs, and data center operators

  • Maximize utilization of existing fiber assets while seamlessly migrating to an efficient IP/packet-optimized transport architecture

  • Simplify network upgrades and preserve legacy investments with carrier-class Ethernet services and cost-effective WDM and OTN deployment